Fitbit: Corporate wellness 2.0

Wearable activity trackers are becoming more popular tools for promoting wellness as companies get more creative with creating wellness programs such as fitness, weight-loss and other healthy competition challenges to motivate employees to live more productive lifestyles.

Worrying about money, retirement can effect your work

Many things in life can cause the stress, but a new worldwide study looked at how financial worries at home affect people in the office.

Texting is good for you

Harnessing the power of a smartphone as a health intervention tool seems to be, well, a smart decision—provided users are given a bit of a nudge.

Want to git ‘er done? Yuk it up

At meetings where the tension level is so high it radiates, you may think: This would go a heck of a lot more smoothly if only everyone would just lighten up.

Hope for folks with ‘bad genes’

If you think your family health history—so-called “bad genes”—have doomed your chances of reaching old age, you may be in for a healthy shock.

Why you should head to work on foot

A team of researchers from McGill University looked at different modes of transportation — walking, public transit or driving — to determine which was more heavily contributing to overall health and social issues.

Study debunks pregnant worker woes

As more and more women decide to work through their delivery dates, pregnancy discrimination lawsuits have risen steadily over the last decade and a half. A new study shows that many pregnant women are going above and beyond in the workplace, and desire to be treated the same as before their pregnancy.

The pay-to-play approach to smoking cessation

When it comes to quitting smoking, money talks.

Tea: Steep, sip, be well

Before you take a sip of that triple, venti, half sweet, extra foam, caramel macchiato to get your motor running for the day, maybe you should give tea a chance.

Wellness programs: What's it worth to you?

Wellness programs that aim to promote smoking cessation, weight loss, healthy eating and reduce chronic illness susceptibility have proven to be valuable in the workplace because healthier employees means less money spent on healthcare.

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