Gluten: The great Satan?

Judging from the shelves upon shelves of gluten-free products hitting supermarkets in the last few years, it might seem that a big chunk of the population suffers from gluten intolerance. But is that really the case?

Research brings bad news for broccoli haters

OK, so you may not like to eat broccoli. But your joints may thank you if you do.

Exercise may combat memory loss

New findings suggest that exercise may improve the cognitive function in older adults at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Five simple tactics to cope with workplace stress

Budget cuts can translate to workplace woes for those who have to deal with them. And doing more with less often triggers higher levels of stress for employees.

Crime: A new reason to eat healthy

You are what you eat. And according to one researcher, if you eat bad foods, you may be more likely to do bad things.

Knowing when to eat may be as important as knowing what to eat

If you made a resolution to change your eating behavior at the beginning of the year, you may want to start with breakfast—particularly if weight loss is part of your goal.

Got sleep?

Sleep can quickly become an afterthought, especially when you are making so much progress in getting closer to your career objectives or personal goals, but like food and water, our bodies need sleep. It’s critical; a necessity for survival.

Top 10 reasons to call in sick

With all the news about jobless numbers, budget cuts and furloughs, now more than ever workers are keen on ensuring they have job security, so the last thing you want to do is be a repeat offender of calling in sick. So when should you make the call?

Are you a loser?

You've probably heard of Monday morning quarterbacks. What about Monday morning eaters?

Pass the thumb drives, please

Here's new idea about how you might be able to exert a little portion control in your extracurricular eating: Take some visual cues from the items on your desk.

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