Pass the thumb drives, please

Here's new idea about how you might be able to exert a little portion control in your extracurricular eating: Take some visual cues from the items on your desk.

Study finds flu shots offer additional protections

Individuals and organizations alike acknowledge the advantages of making sure employees are inoculated against the most recent strain of influenza. But the benefits may extend even further than most of us thought.

Top 10 reasons to call in sick

With all the news about jobless numbers, budget cuts and furloughs, now more than ever workers are keen on ensuring they have job security, so the last thing you want to do is be a repeat offender of calling in sick. So when should you make the call?

Keeping the kids entertained

Unfortunately, children have this strange misconception that summer vacation means non-stop fun for everyone. They have a hard time grasping that most parents can’t take the entire summer off to keep them entertained. Parents have to get creative with keeping their kids engaged and active during the summer.

Staying safe during summertime fun is all about being proactive

We all look forward to the many outdoor activities that only the summer can bring us. But while you’re planning and preparing for your fun-filled events, doctors across the country likely are preparing for you.

Vacationing on a budget

It’s supposed to be a time for relaxation, vacations and family time, but if you don’t plan ahead and plan wisely, summer time travels can end up costing a pretty penny or just being pretty boring.

Heading off summer work fatigue

Do you find yourself staring listlessly out the window at work? Or nodding off over your keyboard? No, you're not just lazy. (Well, you may be.) But you may also have summer fatigue.

Be S.M.A.R.T. with outdoor exercise regimens

Fitness experts say the key to a safe outdoor workout is to set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals.

Winning the office Cold War

Here’s a summertime office conundrum that has baffled many -- it’s sweltering outside, but freezing in your office. Most modern office buildings seem to have a one-size-fits-all approach to accommodating employees' comfort levels for heating and air conditioning, making it nearly impossible to please everyone at the same time.

Want to pack a healthy lunch? Do your research

The key to packing a healthy lunch is starting off with the right ingredients at home.

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