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Union leader issues call for action for postal workers

The largest of the employee unions representing U.S. Postal Service employees—the American Postal Workers Union—has drawn a line in the sand it hopes to defend throughout coming negotiations on worker contracts.

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IRS workers' compensation program vulnerable to fraud

Over a four-year period, the Internal Revenue Service paid an average of about $40 million per year for workers' compensation claims, and it needs to do a better job at ensuring that fraudulent cases aren’t making it through the system, a new report finds.

BOP in need of additional staff to meet ICE detainee demands

The massive influx of new Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees is making matters worse for an already understaffed workforce at the federal Bureau of Prisons.

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Education to limit use of telework

The Department of Education said it needs more physical presence from employees in its offices and is implementing a stricter telework policy beginning Oct. 1.

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OSC makes historic number of favorable decisions in workforce complaints

The Office of Special Counsel issued its highest number in its 40-year history of decisions in favor of federal employees who made workforce complaints.

Air Force extends number of parental leave days

The U.S. Air Force has announced that it will be adding more days for parents to stay home after the adoption or birth of a child.

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IRS to hire 1,700 new employees

The Internal Revenue Service is planning to hire 1,700 full-time customer service representatives to help the agency assist with implementing the new tax law.

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New CFC feature encourages feds to volunteer

The Office of Personnel management has added a new feature to its charitable giving program that puts employees’ volunteer hours on “equal footing” with their financial pledges.

DOD to take over background checks for all agencies

With a current backlog of about 700,000 people waiting to complete the security clearance process to work for federal government, the Department of Defense is set to begin taking over the process for nearly all agencies.

NPS commits to help seasonal employees affected by rule change

Officials from the National Park Service said they will take corrective action to help those seasonal employees who were affected by a recent change to hiring rules.

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